We produce track power tools for railways, electric generators and welding units for household and industrial use

ISO 9001

The Company’s Quality Management System conforms to international quality standards

121 years

History of the plant in archive photos

A complete cycle of in-house production


Casting production

395 tons of castings
a year

We make cast products from steel, iron and aluminum alloys by casting against consumable patterns, die casting and under pressure, develop and manufacture metal tooling

Machine processing

0.01 mm — processing

Effective four-axle high accuracy processing of a wide range of complex-shaped component parts

Batch production of tailor-made products

435 assembly production
and units per shift

We assemble track tools, including engines, generators, gears, hydraulic equipment, steel structures.We perform interim and final quality control of each production unit

Winding production

900 we wind and lay
 sections per shift

We wind coils for electric engines and generators, impregnate them for operation in forced conditions with temperature extremes, high humidity and dustiness

Design and preproduction of new products

7 new products were developed
and implemented in 2016

We design and prepare a full set of technical documents for products and tools. We develop and implement control programs for CNC machines

Kalugatransmash panorama

Track tools and electrical

24 countries repair railway track with our tools

for any weather

We improve the equipment that we produce, and develop new products in accordance with customers’ wishes. In 2016 we modified track tools for track lifting and adjusting in low temperature conditions by order of RZD (Russian Railroads).

Screw jack

Tools are not susceptible
dust and accidental falls

More than 5 000 of our products are used in construction of the New Great Silk Way. We deliver tools to any part of the world.

Portable impact wrench БГ1(BG1)

Operation far from
fixed mains

24 hours of illumination
from one station

More than 10 000 electric generators produced by our company feed power to equipment on railways and motor ways, EMERCOM units, on construction sites, in workshops and country houses.

Light tower ФП2 (FP2) Electrical unit